How to prepare for installation day

Preparing for your upcoming flooring installation is essential to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Here's a short list outlining the steps you should take to prepare for installation day.

1. Remove small items:
Clear the room of all small items, decorations, and loose objects. This includes toys, plants, rugs, and any other clutter that might be in the way of the installation.

2. Remove trim:
If you are having hard surface installed (laminate, luxury vinyl or hardwood) carefully take off the baseboards and molding around the edges of the room. This step will allow for a cleaner and more professional-looking installation. Use a pry bar and be gentle to avoid damaging the walls or trim pieces. This step can be skipped if you are having carpet installed.

3. Paint walls (optional):
If you plan to paint the walls, do so before the flooring installation. Painting becomes easier when there's no flooring in the way. Cover the newly painted walls with painter's tape to protect them during the flooring process.

4. Move appliances and furniture:
Relocate all appliances, large furniture pieces, and heavy items out of the room being worked on. This step ensures the installers have ample space to work and prevents potential damage to your belongings. Our installers can move big items for your for an extra charge. We will discuss this prior to installation day.

5. Clean the floor:
Ensure the existing floor is clean and free of debris. Sweep, vacuum, and mop the area thoroughly to create a smooth surface for the new flooring to be installed.

6. Acclimate flooring materials:
If your flooring material (such as hardwood or laminate) needs to acclimate to the room's temperature and humidity, follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Allow the materials to adjust for the recommended period before installation.

7. Inform our team of any concerns:
Before the installation day, communicate with our team about any specific concerns or preferences you have. Discuss any potential issues, special requests, or specific details you want them to be aware of during the installation process.

8. Secure pets and children:
On the day of installation, secure pets in a separate room or area outside of the work zone. Similarly, make arrangements for children's safety and keep them away from the area where the flooring installation is taking place.

9. Provide easy access:
Make sure the flooring installers have easy access to your home, especially if they need to carry heavy materials or equipment. Clear the path to the room where the installation will occur.

10. Our professional installation team will typically arrive in the morning of installation day. You will receive a text the day prior with more information.

By following this checklist, you'll be well-prepared for your upcoming flooring installation, and it will help ensure a successful and hassle-free experience. We are always here to answer any questions you might have before, during or after installation.

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