Breathe Easy with Mohawk Air.o: Carpet Made for the Northwest

Creating a comfortable and healthy home environment is especially important in the Northwest, where we navigate diverse weather patterns and spend a significant amount of time indoors. Here at Carpet Barn, we're passionate about finding the perfect flooring solutions for our customers, and that's why we love Mohawk Air.o carpet. This innovative Air.o carpet addresses the specific needs of Northwest homeowners, offering a combination of superior air quality, easy maintenance, and long-lasting comfort. With its Air.o technology, this carpet promotes a healthier indoor environment, making it a perfect choice for allergy sufferers and anyone seeking to improve their home's air quality.

Why do we love Air.o Unified Soft Flooring?

  • Breathe easy: Air.o boasts superior air quality, making it a perfect choice for allergy sufferers and those with asthma. Its low VOC emissions and moisture-resistant fibers create a healthier indoor environment.
  • Effortless maintenance: Spills happen, but cleaning up is a breeze with Air.o. Its stain-resistant fibers and easy-to-clean surface make it perfect for busy households.
  • Durable and comfortable: Northwest weather can be unpredictable, but Air.o can handle it. This carpet is exceptionally durable, resisting wear and tear from pets and high foot traffic. Plus, its integrated cushioned backing provides a plush feel underfoot.
  • Installation made simple: Air.o eliminates the need for separate padding, making installation quicker and easier. This is especially beneficial for DIY enthusiasts or those working with a tight budget.

As one of the biggest sellers of Air.o in the Northwest, Carpet Barn is here to help you find the perfect style and color for your home. Visit us today and see why Air.o is the healthy, beautiful, and easy-care carpet solution for your Northwest home!