My husband and I recently purchased Shaw FLOORTE Waterproof Luxury Vinyl flooring from Carpet Barn for a project in our home. We are both pretty handy and have done many remodeling projects in our home over the years. We have torn out kitchens, bathrooms, drywall and more. We have always wanted to save money on the labor and have had some success and more failures.

For this project, we planned to DIY it again. We were planning to move our furniture, tear out the old floor and lay the new flooring ourselves. But, I pushed to hire a professional. I must admit I got lazy; I got overwhelmed and felt like our idea of a quick and easy weekend project was optimistic at best. So, I begged and pleaded my hubby to get a pro. I won! We hired a team from Carpet Barn and here is our experience:

First, our flooring arrived ahead of schedule and the installers picked it up and delivered it to our home. It is heavy! I would have had trouble carrying even some of the boxes myself. Second, the professional team of 2 men got right to work; they cut, tore and removed the carpet and old laminate flooring…it was a lot. They filled a dump trailer and I was tired just watching. Finally, they cleaned up every stitch of the house; swept, vacuumed and tidied up to prepare for installation. And here is where we would have been way out of our league.

Our subfloor had issues and they had to fix some problems (and there are always issues in old homes). They had to repair some old water damage and level some problem areas. They had all the expertise and tools to make quick work of it. Now they began to lay the flooring.

The things that us DIY folks tend to overlook is the expertise needed to handle all the little nuances not to mention all the specialty tools that a pro has. We would have spent a lot of time and money running to the home improvement store. We would have had to purchase or rent about 10 things to do the project correctly. The coolest thing they did was undercut all the door frames so the flooring beautifully slid under. They had such confidence and perfection in their work!

Now, the flooring was coming together and it was exciting, I must say! The final details took time and expertise. We may have given up at that point, believe me, but the final details are what really make a big difference in the outcome. The transitions gave them some trouble. I learned that transitions can be tricky and all have differences that can be challenging to install. But they took the time and make sure they were perfect.

Last, they swept every inch, cleaned all debris and moved our furniture back in place. In just a few days, my home was updated, clean and so beautiful! And best of all, my back didn’t hurt and I wasn’t exhausted.

So my advice to the casual DIY flooring installer is consider a professional flooring installation team that is licensed and bonded. They guarantee their work and will make easy work of the project. We absolutely love our new floor from Carpet Barn! It is perfect.

— Sheli, Loyal Carpet Barn Customer